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Family Mediation Specialists

What role do family mediation specialists play?

Family mediation specialists play an important role in helping families resolve disputes and make decisions about important issues whether that be separation, divorce, child custody or financial matters. If you’re unsure of how a family mediator can help your situation, here are some points to consider:

Facilitating Communication

Family mediation specialists help in facilitating communication amongst family members who may be at odds. Mediation specialists can assist family members in expressing their problems, wants and needs by creating a safe and neutral setting.

Encouraging Cooperation

Family mediation professionals encourage families to collaborate in order to discover solutions that meet everyone's needs. This can aid in reducing conflict and improving communication among family members. Mediation specialists can also help families in focusing on their long-term goals and interests by encouraging cooperation.

Providing Emotional Support

Family mediation can be an emotionally charged process, and mediation specialists can offer emotional support to family members as they work through challenging difficulties.

Providing Information

Family mediation specialists can educate families on their legal rights and responsibilities. They can also help you navigate the legal system and get access to resources such as legal aid.

Developing Agreements

Specialists in family mediation can assist families in developing agreements that suit their individual needs and concerns. Parenting arrangements, child custody, financial matters, and property partition are examples of such agreements. Mediation specialists can be there to ensure families are identifying possibilities and negotiating fair and equitable conditions.

We are here at Kew Mediation to provide a neutral and unbiased service that gives everyone a voice. Our assessment meeting costs £99, while mediation sessions take up to two hours and cost £200 per individual.

To enquire further about our mediation services, get in touch via the contact form or email us at

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