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Separation Mediation Near Me

Divorce is never easy, but it doesn't have to be a long, drawn-out legal battle either. For couples who want to avoid a costly and adversarial divorce, separation mediation can be the right solution.

Separation mediation is a process in which a neutral third party, known as a mediator, helps couples come to an agreement on the terms of their separation or divorce. One of the most significant benefits of divorce mediation is that it allows couples to retain control over the outcome of their divorce.

Rather than turning to a judge or enduring a court battle, couples collaborate with the mediator to discover solutions that work for both parties. This can assist to lessen friction and make the environment more positive for both couples and any children involved.

Another benefit of separation mediation is that it can save time and money. Because the process is typically less adversarial and more collaborative than traditional divorce proceedings, couples tend to come to an agreement more quickly and with less expense. This can be especially important for couples who want to minimise the emotional and financial toll of divorce.

Separation mediation can also be a wise choice for couples who want to maintain a positive relationship after the divorce. By working together to find solutions that work for both parties, couples can build a foundation of trust and respect that can carry over into their post-divorce relationship. This can be incredibly important for those who will continue to co-parent their children after the divorce.

At Kew Mediation we are here to help

Kew Mediation is available to provide a neutral and unbiased service that provides everyone a voice. Our assessment meeting costs £99, whereas mediation sessions last up to two hours and cost £200 per person.

To find out more about our mediation services, get in touch via the contact form or email us at

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